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You are welcome to visit our model home located at 108 Gaskin
Drive, Lords Valley, PA 18428. Tours are offered by appointment
only, as this model home is located in a gated community and will
require call-in access.


Our dependable profession brokers will find you the ideal lot in New
York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and/or in other states as well. They
will lead you through the land purchase process stress free. Then
our zoning department will make sure the selected land is both
buildable and suitable for your needs.


We will guide you through the process. Whether going with a
traditional construction loan, land/construction loans or multitude
of other options.

We can refer you to mortgage brokers who are most familiar
with our process or we will work with your personal financial

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Our prefab panel wall system allows for a versatile design. Our team
of architects and designers will help you choose interior and
exterior designs that best suit your needs.


Our engineers will prepare a full structural plan necessary to obtain
a building permit


Once permits are approved and down payment is paid, your home goes into production. While your home is in production we don’t wait, we begin laying the foundation for your new home.


The panelized, fully finished wall system that comes with windows
and doors will be delivered directly to your homesite, where we will
complete the assembly, install plumbing, electrical, and HVAC
systems, and connect them to on-site utilities. We will then install
the kitchen and bathrooms, and complete the remaining finishing


We will walk you through your new home for final approval, at
whichpoint you can move in and start making memories. It takes between 6-9 months from start to finish, once permitting is approved.

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We’ll reach out within 24 – 72 business hours